1. fcn.gif
    FineControlNet: Fine-level Text Control for Image Generation with Spatially Aligned Text Control Injection
    Hongsuk Choi*, Isaac Kasahara*, Selim Engin, and 3 more authors
    (in review), 2024
  2. viola.gif
    VioLA: Aligning Videos to 2D LiDAR Scans
    Jun-Jee Chao, Selim Engin, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and 2 more authors
    ICRA, 2024
  3. ric.gif
    RIC: Rotate-Inpaint-Complete for Generalizable Scene Reconstruction
    Isaac Kasahara, Shubham Agrawal, Selim Engin, and 3 more authors
    ICRA, 2024
  4. handnerf.gif
    HandNeRF: Learning to Reconstruct Hand-Object Interaction Scene from a Single RGB Image
    Hongsuk Choi*, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Jiacheng Yuan, and 2 more authors
    ICRA, 2024
  5. simple_kitting.gif
    simPLE: a Visuotactile Method Learned in Simulation to Precisely Pick, Localize, Regrasp, and Place Objects
    Maria Bauza, Antonia Bronars, Yifan Hou, and 3 more authors
    Science Robotics, 2024


  1. scene_grasp.gif
    Real-time Simultaneous Multi-Object 3D Shape Reconstruction, 6DoF Pose Estimation and Dense Grasp Prediction
    Shubham Agrawal, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Isaac Kasahara, and 3 more authors
    IROS, 2023
  2. pick2place.png
    Pick2Place: Task-aware 6DoF Grasp Estimation via Object-Centric Perspective Affordance
    Zhanpeng He, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Jinwook Huh, and 2 more authors
    ICRA, 2023


  1. shellgrasp.gif
    Simultaneous Object Reconstruction and Grasp Prediction using a Camera-centric Object Shell Representation
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Sergiy Popovych, Shubham Agrawal, and 2 more authors
    IROS, 2022


  1. pnugrip.gif
    PnuGrip: An Active Two-Phase Gripper for Dexterous Manipulation
    Ian H. Taylor, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Godric Li, and 2 more authors
    IROS, 2020
  2. thesis.png
    Dexterous Manipulation with Simple Grippers
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle
    PhD Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020
  3. mcone_ijrr.gif
    Planar In-hand Manipulation via Motion Cones
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Rachel Holladay, and Alberto Rodriguez
    IJRR [Invited Paper | RSS 2018 Best Student Paper Award], 2020


  1. arc.png
    Robotic Pick-and-Place of Novel Objects in Clutter with Multi-Affordance Grasping and Cross-Domain Image Matching
    Andy Zeng, Shuran Song, Kuan-Ting Yu, and 18 more authors
    IJRR [Amazon Robotics Best Systems Paper Award in Manipulation], 2019


  1. mcone_rss.gif
    In-Hand Manipulation via Motion Cones
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Rachel Holladay, and Alberto Rodriguez
    RSS [Best Student Paper Award Winner], 2018
  2. shapeshift.png
    Pneumatic Shape-shifting Fingers to Reorient and Grasp
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Kyubin Lee, and Alberto Rodriguez
    CASE, 2018
  3. fixture.png
    Regrasping by Fixtureless Fixturing
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and Alberto Rodriguez
    CASE, 2018
  4. stablepush.png
    Stable Prehensile Pushing: In-Hand Manipulation with Alternating Sticking Contacts
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and Alberto Rodriguez
    ICRA, 2018


  1. pushplan.png
    Sampling-based Planning of In-Hand Manipulation with External Pushes
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and Alberto Rodriguez
    ISRR, 2017


  1. exppush.png
    Experimental Validation of Contact Dynamics for In-Hand Manipulation
    Roman Kolbert, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and Alberto Rodriguez
    ISER, 2016
  2. apc.png
    A Summary of Team MIT’s Approach to the Amazon Picking Challenge 2015
    Kuan-Ting Yu, Nima Fazeli, Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and 4 more authors
    arXiv, 2016


  1. prepush.png
    Prehensile Pushing: In-hand Manipulation with Push-Primitives
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, and Alberto Rodriguez
    IROS, 2015
  2. twophase.png
    A Two-Phase Gripper to Reorient and Grasp
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Matthew T. Mason, Harald Staab, and 2 more authors
    CASE, 2015


  1. extdex.png
    Extrinsic Dexterity: In-hand Manipulation with External Forces
    Nikhil Chavan-Dafle, Alberto Rodriguez, Robert Paolini, and 7 more authors
    ICRA [Best Research Video Award Finalist], 2014